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Zhengshan small black tea is the ancestor of the world black tea. Also known as lapushan small species, it is a kind of black tea produced in China. The tea is smoked with pine needles or pine wood and has a very strong fragrance. The origin of zhengshan small species is wuyishan city, fujian province. The shape of the finished tea is tight and even, the color is iron green with brown, oily, natural flowers, fragrance is not strong, fine and subtle, mellow and sweet taste, clear throat rhyme, soup color orange yellow, leaf bottom is not even, and other tea combination, can improve the sense of taste.

Zhengshan small species, a black tea, and artificial small species together known as small black tea. In the late 18th century, it was first created in tongmu area, chongan county, fujian province. In the history of the tea to star village as the distribution center, so also known as star village small species. After the opium war, imperialist invasion, the fierce competition in the tea market at home and abroad, the emergence of zhengshan tea and outside the competition, zhengshan contains orthodox meaning, hence the name.

Distribution of tea area and natural environment: the origin area is still tongmu as the center, and the highland tea garden at the junction of chongan, jianyang and guangze counties has production. The production area is surrounded by mountains, high mountains and deep valleys. The climate is cold. The annual precipitation is more than 2300 mm, the relative humidity is 80-85%, and the fog lasts more than 100 days. Tea tree grows luxuriant, tea bud coarse fiber is little, hold tender sex tall.

After carefully picked and made into tea, after brewing, tea soup bright red, mellow and sweet taste. In fact, in the tea, you can add your favorite milk, will not have an impact on the aroma of tea, but will add a special flavor.

It is very difficult to imitate the small kind of hair tea in zhengshan, because it is restricted by region, climate, soil, variety and method of making tea, plus producing area limits are small, traffic inconvenience imparts impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor impostor. Produced in tongmu guan zhengshan small species of high quality, such as zhengshan small species of typical representative fulinmen zhengshan small species is produced here. But refined products pretend to be small mountain phenomenon appears need to be distinguished.

View soup color: soup color is deep gold, gold circle for the top quality, soup color light, dark, turbid for the next.

Smell aroma: pay attention to distinguish pine oil smoke smell and wood smoke taste, the former oil smoke smell pure drunk soft and not choking, do not cut the tongue, do not cut throat, aftertaste for a long time, wood smoke smell stimulation uncomfortable, the entrance has hemp mouth feeling, swallow spicy cut throat feeling.

Taste: the taste is required to hold a pure, alcohol, shun, fresh pine smoke incense, tea drunk thick, sweet osmanthus dry fragrance back to sweet for a long time, light, thin, thick, miscellaneous taste is poor.

See leaf bottom: leaf bottom tenderness soft fat, neat, drunk evenly bronzed is a good tea. Have dead red, hua qing, dark zhang, coarse old character is poorer.

It is very important to master the water temperature of zhengshan tea, which is conducive to the leaching of aroma, taste and rich contents of zhengshan tea. Generally we choose after boiling, natural cool to around 90 ℃ water brew, will be the reason of higher than traditional green tea water temperature is lapsang souchong of special material and manufacturing process.

Zhengshan small plant head bubble "warm tea" water to quickly. A bubble of soak time shoulds not be more than 10 seconds, 5 seconds out of the water to be beautiful, to prevent adverse impact on lapsang souchong aroma, different varieties of lapsang souchong different soaking time, generally lapsang souchong don't soak for a long time, generally the first 4 bubble of soak time should not be more than 30 seconds, a few bubble after soaking time can be slightly longer, but also with not more than 60 seconds is advisable.

Porcelain teapot, teacup (blue and white porcelain tea set is preferred), tea tray or tea lotus, tea towel, tea spoon, tea tray, hot pot and wind stove (electric or alcohol stove is acceptable). After the tea set is placed on the stage, qimen gongfu black tea performance can be carried out.

Qimen gongfu black tea cable tight show, feng miao good, color is not what people often say red, but black moist. The international name of Blacktea is "Blacktea", that is, because of the black color of Blacktea dry tea. Please enjoy the qimen gongfu black tea, whose color is called "baoguang".

The spring water used for brewing in the hot pot is heated and slightly boiling, and the bubbles floating on the pot seem to be "crab eyes".

Pour the boiling water into the pot and the cup to heat up the pot and cup.

Use a teaspoon to gently transfer the black tea from the lotus or tea tray into the pot. Qimen congou black tea is also known as "prince tea".

This is the key to making black tea. The water temperature that brew black tea wants to be in 100 Celsius, just at the beginning boil water, right now already was "crab eye already passed fish eye to give birth", use at the right moment at brew bubble. High impact tea leaves can be fully soaked under the agitation of water, which is conducive to the full play of color, aroma and taste.

With the method of circular pouring tea, evenly divide the tea in the pot into each cup, so that the color and taste of the tea in the cup are consistent.

When you have a cup of tea, smell it. Qimen congou black tea is one of the three kinds of fragrant tea, which is rich, tall and long. The fragrance is sweet and contains the fragrance of an orchid.

The red color of black tea, shown in good soups. The liquor of qimen gongfu black tea is red and colourful, and the rim of the cup has a distinct "golden ring". The brightness and color of the tea soup indicate the degree of fermentation of the black tea and the freshness of the tea soup. See leaf base again, tender soft red is bright.

After smelling the fragrance and looking at the color, you can sip slowly. Qimen congou black tea is mainly fresh and full-bodied, which is different from red tea with strong pungent taste. The taste is mellow and the aftertaste is long.

After a bubble, you can make a second bubble of tea.

Have fun with the doctrine of

Black tea can usually be brewed three times, three different taste, fine drink slowly, slowly appreciate the true flavor of tea, tea is really interesting.

Milk black tea: put the tea into the pot, brew with boiling water, soak for 5 minutes, then pour the tea soup into the cup, add the right amount of sugar and milk or cheese, become a cup of fragrant and delicious milk black tea.

Ice tea: brew black tea into a slightly higher concentration of tea. Then, add ice cubes to the cup until it is about 8 percent full. Slowly add red tea. See everybody interest adds candy to stir again homogenously, can make a cup of color, sweet, the ice black tea that flavour is complete.

Tea jelly: 170g sugar, 7g gum powder, 200ml cold water, 824ml tea soup; First brew tea leaves with boiling water, then filter out the tea soup and set aside. Then, the sugar and fruit glue powder mix, add cold water and mix, and then gently heat, constantly stirring until boiling; Pour the tea soup into the pectin solution, mix and pour into the model (a small bowl or a wine glass is ok), and put it into the refrigerator after condensation. Tea jelly is in the summer can make people cool heart and lung, the heat of the whole elimination of cool drinks.

Bubble black tea: with black tea, ice, jam, sugar water, first brew black tea with boiling water, filter out the tea soup for later use; Add sugar water and red tea soup. Tighten the bottle cap and shake it up and down. Use the principle of rapid cooling under the impact of cold and heat to generate foam.

Royal milk tea: black tea, qingxiang-type high quality high number of foreign wine, sugar, milk, first brew black tea with boiling water, filter out the tea soup for later use; Spoon 8 minutes full add a sugar cube, ignite sugar cube for about a minute into the milk tea cup, add good red tea soup, and then add about 4 ml of pure milk, stir well can be drunk.

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