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White ginseng Changbai mountain white ginseng

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The main components of ginseng are ginsenoside, ginsenoside, a small amount of volatile oil, various amino acids and peptides, glucose, fructose, pectin and vitamins B1, B2, niacin, pantothenic acid, etc. Ginseng extract can be slowly absorbed by the skin, no adverse irritation to the skin, can expand the capillaries of the skin, promote skin blood circulation, enhance skin nutrition, prevent skin dehydration, hardening, wrinkling, thereby enhancing the elasticity of the skin, make cells get new, to protect the skin smooth and moist.

So, how to use ginseng beauty?

Rinse and slice ginseng and soak in 50% glycerin. Rub face with the glycerin twice a day for 10 days.

Decoct ginseng into thick juice, pour a little into wash water every day, wash face with water containing human ginseng juice, 1-2 times a day.

The edible method of white ginseng

Choose stewed chicken stew, broth, or hot pot when adding; Next, put ginseng slices into a heat preservation cup, simmer with boiling water for about a quarter of an hour, then drink, soak for 3 times, chew and swallow the residue (poor digestion ability can be slag). Daily dosage is 3 ~ 5 grams, sugar will be better to drink.

Classification of shanzhen bowei panax ginseng:

Growth mode: wild mountain ginseng, moving mountain ginseng, garden ginseng three kinds;

Processing methods: red ginseng, white sugar ginseng, active ginseng, raw sun ginseng, refined red ginseng, perm, freeze-dried ginseng, fresh ginseng, etc.

Compound name: Korean red ginseng, jilin wild mountain ginseng, kuandian column ginseng, etc.

Historical origin: purple panax ginseng, shangdang panax ginseng, liao panax ginseng, liaodong panax ginseng, jilin panax ginseng, factory panax ginseng, border river panax ginseng, etc.

Fruit color: red fruit ginseng, yellow fruit ginseng.

Plant stem color: purple stem ginseng, green stem ginseng.

Growth environment: wild ginseng, undergrowth ginseng, garden ginseng, etc.

Product name: mountain ginseng, raw sun ginseng, red ginseng, side strip ginseng, new open river ginseng, do not direct ginseng, etc.

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